Microsoft Sentinel : 3-Wk Workshop

NCC Group plc

Discover how Microsoft Sentinel can enhance your organisations security capability and resilience with an expert led workshop.

Improve your security posture with a Microsoft Security Workshop

Leveraging NCC Group’s cyber security expertise and Microsoft’s technology, you will experience the benefits of an industry leading native SIEM customised to your specific security needs.

Workshop Highlights

  • Understand the features and benefits of Azure Sentinel.
  • Gain visibility into threats across email, identity, and data.
  • Better understand, prioritise, and mitigate potential threat vectors.
  • Create a defined deployment roadmap based on your environment and goals.
  • Develop joint plans and next steps.
  • Workshop Benefits

  • During the workshop, we’ll partner with you to strengthen your organisation’s approach to cybersecurity and help you to better understand how to prioritise and mitigate potential attacks, with:
  • Deep analysis from Threat Check of cyberattack threats found targeting your business.
  • Actionable recommendations to help immediately mitigate the identified threats.
  • A detailed assessment of your IT and security priorities and initiatives,direct from cybersecurity professionals.
  • An inside look at Microsoft’s holistic approach to security, and how it relates to your business.
  • Demonstrations of integrated security, including the latest tools and methods.
  • Long-term recommendations from Microsoft experts about your security strategy, with key initiatives and tactical next steps.
  • Enagement Timeline

    Week 1:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Engagement Setup
  • Identifying the stakeholders
  • Setting up the workshop expectation including scope
  • Deploy and Configure Azure Sentinel
  • Week 2:

  • Data Collection
  • Limited remote incident monitoring
  • Threat Exploration
  • Week 3

  • Prepare Results report and Recommendations
  • Present engagement results report
  • Joint plan and next steps.