Cyber Essentials Plus: 2-Wk Assessment

NCC Group plc

As a Cyber Essentials Certified Body, NCC Group can remotely help and guide you through the assessment process, for Cyber Essentials Plus

A CE Plus Assessment from NCC Group provides comprehensive support during the Certification process and will allow you to address the risks faced by your organisation including your IAAS and Virtual Desktop systems deployed within Azure to meet the Cyber Essentials 5 key controls.

A CE Plus assessment is delivered by our dedicated team of team CE Assessors and is applicable to all Azure IAAS and Virtual Desktop deployments.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our offering assesses the 5 key controls via a Self Assessment Questionnaire (CE Basic) and a technical audit, which forms the Plus assessment, coupled with the support of our technical CE assessors throughout the process:

  • Managed approach to obtaining CE Plus accreditation
  • Understanding your scope and inclusion of your IAAS and Virtual desktop systems
  • Online completion and submission of the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ)
  • Free resubmission of SAQ within 48 hours
  • Free re-assessment during 30 days
  • External vulnerability scan of upto 50 IPs including Azure systems
  • Remote\Onsite Technical Assessment of up to 15 End User Devices or Virtual Desktop systems
  • Assessment is carried out by qualified Crest Registered Testers (CRT)
  • Inquire about our fully deliverable remote options

Our comprehensive assessment allows us to deliver thorough coverage, in short timeframes, whilst our stringent rules of engagement minimise the risk of any adverse operational impact.


NCC Group will provide your organisation with a detailed report outlining your responses to the questionnaire and results of our technical assessments and includes:

  • Response provided to each question of the assessment
  • Scope of the assessment
  • Compliance status of each submitted answer
  • Compliance status of each technical control tested
  • Feedback and guidance for any suggested\required remediation.
  • CE Plus Certification if successful

CE Plus is an estimated cost assessment dependant on scoping size