First Responder Training 1-Day Briefing

NCC Group plc

NCC Group has designed a one-day, intensive cyber first responder and forensics training course to give your staff the knowledge to correctly react to cyber threats.


Security breaches are now a day-to-day occurrence and organizations often do not have the internal skills to deal and respond to them. In healthcare, there were tens of millions of patient records reportedly breached in 2019 in over 500 hundred publicly disclosed breaches.

It’s extremely important to be able to respond quickly and efficiently in the event of a cyber event. It can help understand the difference between stolen patient records and live active attack.

##Course synopsis

The one-day course will include:

  • Incident Response Overview
  • Introduction to Azure's Security Center
  • Preparing for an incident
  • Data collection in Azure
  • Introduction to Forensic Analysis
  • Incident Response in Cloud Services
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) - optional

On completion of this training, attendees will be able to complete common first responder tasks to help facilitate a successful and valuable incident response investigation. They will also have an understanding of what happens during a cyber event and what role each part of an organization plays.

##Who should attend?

IT security staff such as security officers, IT administrators, network administrators, up to 10 employees.

##Prerequisite knowledge

Basic knowledge of IT and operation systems.