Healthcare Compliance & Security: 6 Day Workshop

NCC Group plc

Azure Healthcare Migration Services: A clear path to migration

The Healthcare Compliance and Security: 6 Day Workshop for Azure Migration will include the following agenda during the consultancy service:

Day One:

  • Interview with stakeholders
  • Documentation review with technical subject matter experts

Day Two:

  • Technical workflow review with technical subject matter experts

Day Three:

  • Documentation review with Compliance subject matter experts

Day Four:

  • Architectural reviews with relevant subject matter experts

Day Five:

  • Continuation of architectural reviews with the relevant subject matter experts

Day Six:

  • Closing meeting and feedback
  • Reporting on outcome of days one to five

Throughout the 6 day workshop coupled with the aforementioned agenda, the following key actions will be undertaken:

  • In-depth workshop with technical subject matter experts on the proposed solution.
  • Our compliance and security experts will engage in the workshop with your subject matter experts to create a tailored roadmap that suits your organization.
  • We will determine how well you’re set up to maintain HIPAA and/or HITRUST CSF compliance as you complete your migration into the cloud.
  • Our Azure security experts will review the technologies you’re currently using to see how you can best leverage Microsoft Cloud services securely.

When it's all said and done, you'll get a report that includes:

  • A roadmap with the recommended steps to a secure and compliant presence in the Microsoft Cloud.
  • A menu of services that NCC Group can provide to ensure you stay on track as you navigate the complexities of a cloud migration.

Once we’ve completed this initial assessment, there is no commitment to sign up to further services. If you have the expertise to follow the roadmap, you’re all set!

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