Azure Application Security: ~ 1-Wk Assessment

NCC Group plc

This assessment offers expert consultative penetration testing to assist you in understanding the threats to and the technical risks within your Azure hosted applications.
### An Azure Web Application Penetration Test (WAPT) from NCC Group provides a comprehensive and accurate view of the threats posed to your application and will allow you to address the risks faced by your organisation and customers. WAPT by NCC Group is delivered by our large team of expert penetration testers and is applicable to Azure Web Sites, Azure Mobile Apps, Azure App Service and Azure Functions. #### Comprehensive Assessment In today’s threat landscape it is critical to understand your true exposure, to go beyond the OWASP Top 10 and the capabilities of automated tools. Securing the underlying platform is no longer sufficient and dynamic application security testing (DAST) is required to simulate malicious threat actors using advanced manual techniques. Our WAPT can assist you in maintaining your application’s compliance with various standards and can assess supporting features such as the Azure Web Application Firewall and Azure Monitor. Key benefits of our Azure focused WAPT include: - **Comprehensive and efficient:** Manual expert analysis augmented with automated tools to ensure thorough coverage in lean timeframes. - **Safe:** All activities are performed to pre-agreed rules of engagement, minimising the risk of any adverse operational impact. - **Bespoke and tailored:** Each engagement focuses on your specific concerns. #### Deliverables NCC Group will provide your organisation with a detailed report providing an attacker’s eye view of your Azure application and includes: - Executive level summary of your business risk and means of addressing it. - Likely threats, attack scenarios, and the potential outcomes of a cyber-breach. - A prioritised remediation road map addressing both strategic and tactical issues. - Thorough technical appendices detailing all deficiencies and suggested remedial actions. *The price may vary depending on the scale of the application, technologies in use and the test scenarios that may be required.*