Turnkey Azure Data Center: 10-Wk Implementation


plan a production azure landing zone along with server migration and/or business continuity disaster recovery

Value Proposition: Customers who want to leverage the Cloud to meet business requirements for server Migration and/or Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR) using Microsoft Azure

Engagement Methodology: A methodical process is followed which includes the following four phases and activities:

Phase 1: Define Plan Scope - this is where the Customer Objectives and Goals for their Cloud project are fully understood and enumerated. Phase 2: Create Detailed Plan - this uses knowledge learned about Customer Objectives and Goals, along with Azure expertise and best practices to create a high-level design and reference architecture. Phase 3: Review Plan - this is where the plan is reviewed with the Customer, and approved. The result is a roadmap to arrive at the end-state of an Azure Landing Zone along with a migration or BC/DR plan that meets the Customer Objectives and Goals. Phase 4: Create Sow/Project Plan - this phase uses the reviewed and approved plan to create a Statement of Work (SoW), and the associated pricing. This includes detailed architecture diagrams, and project phases, along with estimated timelines.

Engagement outputs: The final artifacts will include a Statement of Work (SoW), which includes the pricing for implementation, along with detailed architecture diagrams, and a phased project plan. This engagement results in a uniquely scoped Azure Cloud project that the Customer can then hire nDivision to complete.