MongoDB to Cosmos DB: 1-Day migration workshop

Fractal Analytics Inc.

Start planning your migration from MongoDB to Azure Cosmos DB with our 1-Day workshop

Azure Cosmos DB is the ideal migration destination for organizations looking to improve latency, scalability, and improve the integration capabilities of their MongoDB implementation.

Cosmos DB is widely recognized for its best-in-class latency with millisecond response time in addition to automatic and instantaneous scalability. Additionally, Microsoft makes integrating third-party solutions and services straightforward, helping to provide organizations with a quick, simple migration process.

To help plan MongoDB to Cosmos DB migrations, Neal Analytics is offering a 1-day workshop where we initially review an organization's unique business needs and requirements then review the existing data environment, data sources, and data connector availability.

At the conclusion of the workshop, Neal will review our findings and deliver an initial migration roadmap within 1 to 2 weeks.