1-Day workshop: On-Prem SQL to Snowflake migration

Fractal Analytics Inc.

Capture the benefits of the cloud and eliminate common data challenges caused by data gravity, slow scalability, and difficult integrations by migrating your SQL database to Snowflake on Azure.

Key drivers for cloud migration include capturing superior analytics and taking advantage of the pay as you go model. For organizations leveraging SQL on-premises, these drivers can extend to solving challenges surrounding data gravity, scalability, and secure data integrations.

By migrating on-premises SQL to Snowflake on Azure, organizations can eliminate data gravity challenges via more simple and secure to connect cloud apps to databases, resolving potentially insecure manual workflows. Further, eliminating data gravity enables more real time access to data, enabling cloud native data analytics.

Additionally, leveraging Snowflake on cost-effective, on-demand Azure resources enables organizations to easily scale their database as their needs grow.

Fractal Analytics is uniquely positioned to rapidly drive successful SQL migrations due to our deep expertise in data and partnerships with Microsoft and Snowflake. Fractal experts have a history of working alongside Microsoft to deliver successful cloud projects, including data migration and modernization projects. In addition, AI and Machine Learning is a part of our company DNA, making Fractal Analytics an ideal partner for organizations who want to enable novel, new, data-driven use cases.

This workshop is designed to help your organization seize the benefits of a cloud-based database by assessing your current environment and developing a clear roadmap for migrating to Snowflake on Azure. At the conclusion of this workshop, Fractal Analytics will take the findings, review them, and develop a roadmap for migration to Snowflake within 1-2 weeks.