1-Day workshop: On-premises Spark to Databricks

Fractal Analytics Inc.

Solution assessment workshop for migrating on-premises Spark workloads running on Hadoop to Azure Databricks using WANdisco LiveData Migrator

Organizations with large on-premises data centers frequently run Spark workloads on Hadoop for its speed and ability to efficiently process and store large volumes of data.

Migrating Hadoop to Azure Databricks enables organizations to take this even further. It leverages a highly optimized version of Apache Spark which outperforms non-Databricks workloads by 50x. Beyond quicker processing times, this enables organizations to support real-time analytics and modern data science practices such as MLOps.

Further, by leveraging migration tools like WANdisco LiveData Migrator, Fractal Analytics can help organizations migrate their Hadoop clusters to a Databricks Delta Lake with zero downtime and zero data loss.

To help plan on-premises Spark to Azure Databricks migrations, Fractal Analytics is offering a 1-day solution assessment workshop where we assess your existing data environment, data sources, data connector availability, and business needs and requirements.

At the conclusion of the workshop, Fractal will assess our findings and deliver an initial migration roadmap within 1 to 2 weeks.