Data Science & AI: 1-Wk Assessment


The Data Science, AI & BI strategy is to help our clients generate value from BI data

NEORIS has a robust series of Cloud services to transform companies into more agile and intelligent organizations. We use Microsoft's powerful Azure platform to provide seamless integration of your business with everything the Cloud has to offer.

Advanced Analytics and AI A smart company uses all available data to improve decision making. Our use of the Azure infrastructure provides the storage and services necessary for the intelligent use of data, which allows us to identify what will happen in the market before the competition. We focus on two key areas:

Migration of the analytical platform to the cloud Implementation and development of AI models in the cloud

This NEORIS assessmente aims to define business challenges and the complete deployment of a POC or Data & AI project. They will be identified:

1.- Data Strategy, Architecture, and AI 2.- Prioritization of actions 3.- Talent as a service.

Content available for english and spanish.