Azure DevOps Starter : 3 Days Workshop


Azure DevOps Starter technical Workshop via Teams | 3 Days

Day 1

Introduction to Azure DevOps Configuring Projects in Azure DevOps Creating and configuring a new team project Configuring teams in VSTS Cloning a Git repository into your team project Agile Planning Overview of Agile planning tools Managing work using teams Tracking progress using Kanban and task boards Configuring CI/CD Pipelines Understanding CI/CD Pipelines Using hosted build infrastructure Configuring a hybrid environment with on-premises agents Hosting private build infrastructure in Azure Automating Builds Creating a build definition Customizing your build using tasks A closer look at build attributes Triggering builds

Day 2

Maintaining Code Quality The importance of maintaining code quality Unit testing Code coverage Code Clone Analysis Creating Automated Release Pipelines Overview of release management Understanding artifacts Creating a release definition Understanding environments Approval workflows and notifications A Closer Look at Build and Release Definitions Configuring Continuous Deployment (CD) Multi-machine deployment using deployment groups Managing secrets in the Azure Key Vault Using Azure Resource Manager Overview of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Creating an ARM template Using ARM in your release pipelines

Day 3

Monitoring Applications Using Application Insights Overview of Application Insights (AI) Adding AI to our applications Alerts and availability Diagnose failures and exceptions Creating Dashboards to Show Build and Release Status Creating a Build and Release dashboard Displaying build information on the dashboard Displaying release information on the dashboard

Lab 1 : .Net Core Application CI/CD Pipeline

Lab 2 : .Net Core Application In AKS