Azure Resilience: 3 Days Proof of Concept

Nero Blanco IT Ltd

Azure Resilience - a 3 days Proof of Concept of Disaster Recovery as a Service using Azure Site Recovery.

The UK media has featured several stories of high street banks or airlines in crisis, due to a lack of IT systems resilience.

UK businesses, councils and charities are at risk from a variety of threats to their business continuity.

Whether that be from flooding, fires, employee mistakes, utility provider failures, cyber attacks, unsupported legacy IT systems and data loss due to unexpected IT outages.

If you are a UK company looking to achieve and become certified in the British Standards Institute standard ISO 22301 for Business Continuity Management – then Azure Resilience is a Microsoft Cloud disaster recovery and backup solution as a service from Nero Blanco well worth reviewing via our proof of concept.

ISO 22301 specifies the requirements for a management system to protect against, reduce the likelihood of, and ensure your business recovers from disruptive incidents, so you can understand and prioritize the threats to your business with the international standard for business continuity.

Azure Resilience from Nero Blanco leverages our expertise in Microsoft technologies like Azure Site Recovery, Azure Storage and Azure Backup to give you piece of mind, reassuring you that if disaster strikes your business that your IT infrastructure and business data is recovered and available.

With the Nero Blanco Azure Resilience Proof of Concept, we will implement a DRaaS solution for a sample of your workloads from your data centre into Azure with Azure Site Recovery.

This PoC is suitable for in-house data centres with VMware VM’s, Hyper-V VM’s, and/or physical servers (Windows and Linux).

The PoC will deliver a DR solution for up to 3 workloads leveraging Azure Site Recovery into a single Azure region.