Azure ML & AI Operating Model 8-Week Implementation

Ness Digital Engineering

Implement or enhance your Azure ML environment and create a tailored AI Operating Model for your organization

The Ness Azure ML and AI Operating Model offering is based on a layered approach of tools and practices. We start with Microsoft recommendations and tools for implementing, managing and operating an Azure Cloud infrastructure, including the Microsoft Well-Architected Framework and proprietary Ness experience. We design, remediate and enhance basic architectural and cloud operating model features including landing zones, cost management, security, performance and much more. We add best practices for implementing Azure ML on top of the base Azure environment and deliver it as repeatable, scriptable infrastructure through the client’s preferred Infrastructure-as-Code platform like Terraform or Bicep.

We combine this approach with creation of a custom AI Operating model based on a set of principles around MLOps, AI Maturity Model Framework, Support Model, Community of Practice, Value Management, Responsible AI and more. We provide training on Azure ML to data scientists, IT and all other stakeholders, and can help identify and implement AI use cases in a repeatable, agile manner.

Business Audience: VP of Data Science, VP of Data, VP of Analytics, VP of Product Management, VP of IT and their teams Industries: Financial Services, Manufacturing & Transportation, Media, Entertainment & Education, Retail, Government, Tech & ISVs Value Proposition: Defined and implemented AI Operating Model. Implemented Azure ML environment in the Infrastructure-as-Code tool of your choice

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