Cloud Migration Planning: 3-Wk Assessment

Ness Israel

Is your organization planning to migrate your Datacenter? Let our experts plan and walk you through the process.

As organizations grow and modernize, they will irremediably reach the point in which their existing data center infrastructure is no longer adequate for their needs and is holding them down.
An obsolete infrastructure will result in an obsolete business. In order to keep an organization efficient and competitive, a data center migration is in order.

Since data center migrations involve multiple teams and cut across almost every aspect of an organization, they can become taxing projects, that require too much time and manpower, and carry associated data loss risk.

Ness Cloud's datacenter migration service was created to take from you the burden of data base migration.
We offer a consultation service that will enable you to migrate your data from its current database sources to Azure data platforms with maximum control and minimal intrusion to your day-to-day operations.

Ness Cloud's migration experts will walk you through every step of your data center migration together we will help you build a solid foundation using best practices and prescriptive guidance by focusing on the following steps:

• Computing- configuring virtual machines for availability, scale and performance
• Network- Designing the network for current and future connectivity requirements
• Storage- Planning for performance, durability, scalability and archival.
• Manage- Planning production operations for monitoring and disaster recovery.
• Governance- control access to resources, what can be used, set up cost management and chargeback.