Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

Ness Israel

We, Ness Cloud, help CEOs and CTOs to strategize and plan their cloud journey, based on our extensive experience and proficiency, utilizing Azure best practices and prescriptive guidance.

Ness Cloud is the largest and most prominent Information systems and technology services group in Israel. As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP Partner, we offer highly curated services across various competencies, amongst them, our cloud engineering services: Ness Cloud, specialize in Microsoft Azure.

Due to our size and level of expertise, at Ness Cloud we are in a unique position to offer tailor made CCoE services. We offer both methodological and technical service that will enable you, as a A/B level manager, to strategize and plan your cloud journey.

Our CCoE team concludes of versatile experts, such as cloud consultants, cloud architects, cloud governance and FinOps specialists, and more – all ready to provide you with the best CCoE services and save you and your organization time and effort.

Our experts and Architects use the best practices to design the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective solutions that will include if needed micro-services containers, AKS, BI reports using tools such as GitHub, Azure DevOps, Co-Pilot and AI solutions.