Azure Jump Start: 3 Day Workshop

Netcloud AG

Our workshop supports your business on the way to the cloud and enables your employees to make the right decisions early on.

As a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we enable you and your team to get started quickly with Azure Cloud. In six structured workshops, we clarify terminology, cloud concepts and architectural approaches while focusing on the most important components of the Azure Cloud. You will benefit from our long experience with Azure when discussing topics such as Landing Zone, Network, Security and Identity Access Management. Our main goal is to develop a common view on Azure cloud technologies, so you can make appropriate decisions from the beginning of your cloud journey. The discussions and decisions are documented and recorded in a comprehensible manner, resulting in an Azure architecture tailored to your business requirements. Our approach is flexible and adapts to your needs, discussions and requirements. Finally, a PoC environment will be built that can host test applications or be used by engineers as a learning and training tool.


Day 1

    Workshop 1:
    • Overview and introduction
    • Cloud terminologies and concepts
    • Design principles in the cloud
    Workshop 2:
    • Connectivity to Azure
    • Network within Azure
    • Network security
    • IP address concept

Day 2

    Workshop 3:
    • Security structures with Azure
    • IAM and perimeter security
    • Logging, monitoring und key management
    Workshop 4:
    • Architecture & PoC planning
    • Landing zone, subscriptions & resource groups
    • Costs and cost optimizations
    • DNS / Active Directory integration
    • Definition of target architecture

Day 3

    Workshop 5 & 6:
    • Create subscription / VNet / subnets / Internet access
    • VPN and AD connection, DNS integration
    • Introduction Azure CLI