Microservices In Azure:3-Days Workshop


Microservices are an architectural approach to building applications where each core function or service, is built and deployed independently.

Target Audience: IT Architects Software Designers Developers

Microservice architecture is distributed and loosely coupled, so one component’s failure will not break the whole app. Independent components work together and communicate with well-defined API contracts. Build microservice applications to meet rapidly changing business needs and bring new functionalities to market faster.

Day 1

  1. What/Why Microservices?
    1. When to use and not use Microservices
    2. Stateful / Stateless Microservices
  2. Microservices Architectural
    1. Creating your architecture (Boundaries/Structures/Components)
    2. Architectural Patterns and Classifications
      1. Nonfunctional (Resiliency/Security/Performance/Scalability)
      2. Functional (Communication/Abstraction/Persistence)
      3. Operational (Orchestration/Automation/Centralization/Deployment)
  3. Deploying Microservices as Containers
    1. Docker Containers with Demo/Lab

Day 2

  1. Container Registries (Docker Hub / Azure Container Registry)
  2. Container Hosting Options in Azure
    1. ACI (Azure Container Instances) with Demo
    2. Azure App Services
    3. Azure Service Fabric with Demo/Lab
      1. Reliable Services / Reliable Actors
    4. AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services) with Demo/Lab
    5. Azure Red Hat OpenShift (Kubernetes)
    6. Azure Batch (Big Data processing)
    7. IaaS (VMs)
  3. Securing and Managing Microservices
    1. Communication (inter-node/client-to-node)
    2. Azure Active Directory

Day 3

  1. CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery)
    1. Azure DevOps with Demo/Lab
  2. Diagnostics and Monitoring
    1. Monitoring Health of Clusters (AKS/Service Fabric/Batch)
    2. Collecting and Analyzing Logs
  3. Serverless Microservices in Azure (No Orchestration/No Clusters)
    1. ACI (Azure Container Instances) with Demo
    2. Function Apps (Nanoservices) with Demo/Lab
      1. Webhook Triggers 2. Timer Triggers