Azure Done Right: Infrastructure Optimization Service - 1 Month


Provide advanced Azure skills to support and optimize your Microsoft Azure environment!

The running Azure environment will be constantly reviewed to identify opportunities to improve in parameters such as reliability, security, availability, manageability, cost-effectiveness and performance. The basis of this process will be proactive monitoring, assessment, and risk identification. Additional services may be designed and implemented, or configurations changes applied. Where possible, tasks will be automated.

A 1-month engagement is limited to 40 business hours (8AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday)

The scope of work for the Azure Optimization Service involves the following:

  1. The solution should be scalable, workloads should be added and removed as and when required
  2. Ensure that the workloads migrated are accessible from all sites
  3. Monitor the Solution to ensure that workloads are running within the set thresholds/budget
  4. Ensure Disaster Recovery and Backup strategies for the identified workloads are in place for business continuity purposes
  5. Meet security goals
  6. Provide the necessary analytics to give management a constant insight on their Azure environment
  7. Knowledge transfer to customer personnel