Azure Done Right: Implement & Migrate - 4-Wk


Developed by Netsurit, Azure Done Right is a predefined set of planning and migration procedures and tools to assist you in the successful migration of workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Azure Done Right comprises a tightly-knit group of skilled consultants renowned for their ability to deliver quality services on time and on budget. They assist in the identifying of key areas of risk, and opportunities for improving the performance and accessibility of critical business functions, as well as helping to mitigate risk, maximize performance and invoke robust processes that ensure success well into the future. Each engagement has the possibility of needing to be custom scoped based on specific customer environments and requirements, so in some cases scoping and costing may differ from what is estimated in this offer.

It's time to migrate to the cloud when you:

  1. Have on-premise hardware infrastructure that needs replacement.
  2. Have growing or fluctuating infrastructure demands.
  3. Have outgrown your current IT infrastructure
  4. Need enhanced security for your data and sensitive information
  5. Want to avoid large Cap Ex or costs for on premise infrastructure
  6. Want cost-effective disaster recovery strategies

Agenda Scope

Phase 1 Envisioning and planning Assess existing customer environment (includes security assessment) Development and documentation Implement POC Infrastructure Migrate POC workloads

Phase 2 Production implementation Handover