Azure Done Right: Enable Azure - Implement 1-week


Accelerated Microsoft Azure adoption with confidence using proven guidance designed to meet your business and technology strategies to succeed with Azure.

The Netsurit Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) solution includes all you need to define an Azure strategy and implementation plan to confidently deploy initial production workloads to Azure.

Why implement CAF?

  • Define an organizational strategy for Azure.
  • Understand the business value of potential Azure workloads.
  • Rapidly bootstrap a complete Azure Landing Zone that is ready to host production workloads.
  • Align Azure infrastructure and governance to organizational requirements.
  • Implement critical governance controls covering security, availability, cost management etc.
  • Identify appropriate initial workloads for Azure.

Implementation Overview:

  • Define Cloud Strategy
  • Plan and document readiness, skills and cloud adoption plan
  • Deploy Landing Zone
  • Migrate first workload

Each engagement has the possibility of needing to be custom scoped based on specific customer environments and requirements, so in some cases scoping and costing may differ from what is estimated in this offer.