Microsoft Fabric Jumpstart: 4-Week PoC


Neudesic will design, deliver, and empower your team with a 4-week Jumpstart providing a comprehensive foundation for AI & analytics built on Microsoft Fabric.

During this 4-week Jumpstart Neudesic will design, deliver, and empower your team with a fully functional PoC on Microsoft Fabric. Diving into the next-gen of data and AI capabilities that will empower your teams to unlock valuable insights, enhance decision-making, boost operational efficiency, and drive remarkable business growth, all without the hassle of piecing together disparate analytics services from multiple vendors utilizing Microsoft Fabric.

Delivery Process: Envision & Design (Week 1-2): • Allocate necessary resources and estimate the required budget • Identify specific functionalities or processes to be included • Define success criteria and measurable objectives • Create a detailed architectural plan for implementing the PoC • Set up the environment • Begin implementing the components and functionality outlined in the architectural plan Develop (Week 3): • Write necessary code and configure settings • Collect feedback from the stakeholders and users involved • Conduct thorough testing of the PoC, considering different scenarios and use cases. Empower (Week 4): • Evaluate the performance and scalability of the Fabric implementation • Document the outcomes, lessons learned, and areas for improvement • Deliver training sessions and hand off PoC to your team

Final Deliverables: • Fully configured Fabric Workspace ready for development. • Production-ready Notebooks (4-5) to ingest and process data in the Lakehouse. • Custom-built PowerBI report leveraging Lakehouse insights. • Two knowledge transfer sessions, a PoC design document, and training material.