Hydra Mobile App Accelerator: 10-Wk Implementation


Hydra is a mobile development acceleration engine that guides a user through the selection and assembling of templates to quickly build the foundation of a mobile application.

Hydra is a mobile development accelerator that quick starts the development of a mobile application leveraging the Xamarin/Maui platform. At its core, Hydra is an engine that guides users through the process of assembling mobile-centric templates to quickly generate the code of a mobile application. Hydra has two types of templates for users to utilize. Foundation Templates ensure that the mobile application is functional by providing support for error handling, usage analytics, offline storage, notifications, and security and networking. Page templates provide a generic layout for both phone/tablet form factors and contain all the base functionality required to work. By focusing on the foundational items, Hydra eliminates the need for developers to spend development cycles on the foundation of the mobile application and instead focus on the features and functionality that their users need. To ensure quality is maintained, Hydra has an expansive suite of automated tests that are executed against every release.

In addition to accelerating mobile app development by 50%, the Hydra accelerator leverages a highly scalable backend on Azure. One of the main foundational templates provided with Hydra is Neudesic’s Mobile Cloud Infrastructure Accelerator. Leveraging Azure as a backbone for storage, services, events and messaging, the Neudesic Mobile Cloud Infrastructure Accelerator provides organizations with an infrastructure platform capable of handling any of the backend needs that a mobile application can require.