Smart Meter Analytics: 8-Week Implementation


Process, validate and prepare Smart Meter Big Data for visualization and analytics with a hybrid cloud architecture that combines on-premise SQL Server and Power BI with the Azure Cloud in 8 weeks

The Smart Meter Big Data Analytics solution combines Microsoft’s on-premises SQL Server, BI Platform and Azure Cloud in a unique hybrid cloud architecture that easily scales as your Big Data demands grow. You'll be able to quickly process, validate and prepare Smart Meter Big Data for visualization and analytics, giving you a better understanding of customer energy usage to achieve optimum efficiency in 8 weeks.

Deliverables: Evaluate Current Architecture - Neudesic's solution combines all sources of customer and usage data to deliver powerful visualizations and insights Develop a Comprehensive Strategy - Our dedicated technologists leverage a portfolio of accelerators, frameworks and IP to help you modernize your infrastructure and gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving industry Deliver action-oriented reports - Use Microsoft Azure HDInsight to store and process massive amounts of data from an existing Meter Data Management System, while minimizing the need to scale expensive infrastructure on premises