TEI-Cloud Life Cycle Manager - 4 Wk Implementation

Neudesic Technologies

Accelerate your journey to cloud with an end-to-end journey map for workload migrations, a long-term economic impact, map workloads and migration strategies and provide rationalization insights.

Neudesic’s Total Economic Impact Estimator (TEI) is a service offering to assist enterprises with their cloud migration journey. The platform will help customers visualize their end-to-end cloud journey in Azure, enabling the migration architects to chart out a wave-based migration plan and rationalization approach to the workloads, offering detailed insights into the cost - effectiveness of multiple migration approaches for the workloads.

The architects will be able to project the economic impact of different migration approaches for the available workloads. The integration with the Retail APIs on Azure ensures that we have an accurate estimate for the workloads. TEI allows native support for adding new resources and services in the workloads as part of the rationalization. The tool can also calculate the cost impact because of the added services, thereby always being able to visualize the accurate consumption cost for the devices and workloads. This tool has many valuable features including – continuous cloud consumption cost analysis, support for multiple cloud providers (cloud agnostic support), automatic build phase, and support operational cost planning. It currently focuses on the Azure platform migrations. It can take input from a variety of server assessment tools e.g., Movere, custom reports, Azure migrate, etc. The flexible design architecture of the parsing engine allows us to add a new assessment report easily and be able to integrate it with the platform.

The key program detail includes 4 weeks of discovery, assessment and rationalization plan for up to 10K workloads (resources/vms).