Protect and Govern Sensitive Data with Cognizant’s Microsoft Purview Information Protection Services for Data Protection


Protect and govern your organization's sensitive data with Cognizant Next-Gen Data protection and privacy offerings, powered by Microsoft Purview Information Protection

Data creation worldwide is projected to increase to more than 180 Zettabytes by 2025, leading to a 19.2% increase in storage capacity- (ref.) Statista Research Department. Aptly said, 'Data is the new oil,' making it the most uncompromised aspect of any organization's security posture.

Cognizant's Next-Gen Data Protection Services using Microsoft Purview Information Protection Services is a unique Data security and privacy offering that protects data through its entire lifecycle. With Strategic partnership with Microsoft, Cognizant offers seamless Information Protection rollouts in phased manner, ensuring data security in unsupported egress channels creating possibility of vendor overhead, restricting external sharing of unprotected sensitive data by using Microsoft data loss prevention (DLP), implement enhance security of endpoint and cloud data.

Cognizant's Next-Gen Data Protection Services using Microsoft Purview Information Protection Services offers:

  • Enumerate the file shares / network shares across the enterprise
  • Discover sensitive data using Information Protection across the enterprise landscape
  • Classify the data in alignment with Enterprise Data Classification Policy Design
  • Build the Azure Rights Management System (RMS) templates
  • Tailor RMS permissions to accommodate special requests from business groups
  • Integrate AIP with other 3rd party Data Classification, Information Rights Management (IRM) solutions
  • Integrate AIP with 3rd party Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions
  • Ingest AIP logs into 3rd party Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) solution
Delivery Excellence:
  • Experience in mapping data classification policies with RMS templates and creation of custom templates in Enterprise-wide AIP rollout
  • Efficient porting of on-prem data classification policies to Information Protection
  • Large resource pool across the globe offering dedicated and managed services
Time to Value
  • Readily available scripts for major platforms to enumerate unstructured data stores across enterprise to aid AIP data discovery and classification
  • Discover access permissions across data stores, consolidate permissions and initiate access remediation integrating with IAM solution
  • Managed services for BAU support utilizing ticket-based pricing
  • Integrated delivery for implementing Azure and Microsoft 365 native security controls – Information Protection, Data, Infrastructure and Risk compliance
The offer price and duration is an indicative estimate, actual price and duration will be customized based on client requirements identified during the discovery phases.