Azure Health Check: 2-Week Assessment


New Signature's Azure Health Check performs a targeted review of your existing Azure environment and provides expert recommendations to optimize and secure it.

Your Azure environment is the bedrock of your cloud platform – housing your business critical systems. It’s essential that it is secure, protected and continually optimized. Our experts are here to help you review and recommend improvements for your Azure environment, so that you can focus on your business knowing that your cloud platform is in good health.

During our Azure Health Check engagement, we compare your environment to the Azure standards and best practices defined by the Center for Internet Security (Azure CIS), the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure (CAF) and any additional standards as appropriate. Following the review, you’ll get a report highlighting the recommended improvements to optimize your Azure environment’s security posture, data protection strategy, governance practices, solution architecture and cost management controls.

During this engagement, we put the following under a microscope:

Solution Architecture:
We look at the regions in which your Azure is deployed, your resource grouping, connectivity and network design and more to ensure that your core Azure platform is set-up correctly.

Governance and Security:
From tagging and naming to your internal policies and security configuration, we help you develop governance strategies that will define your deployment standards, policies, and identity and access management configuration. This will ensure that threat protection is increased, and ad hoc management is replaced with best practice.

Data Protection and Recovery:
Our experts will work with you to align recovery objectives with your business requirements ensuring that you are protected with backup services and disaster recovery services in the event of a major system outage.

Cost Optimization
We analyze your organization’s usage patterns within Azure and recommend next steps in order to reduce costs and raise your ROI.