Landing Zone: 10-day Implementation


Landing Zone is a fully automated, CAF-aligned Landing Zone. It’s a first step on your journey to Azure. Built on native capabilities it provides a fully governed, secure and compliant foundation.

New Signature’s Azure Launchpad is the starting point of any great adventure in Azure. With a proper landing zone, you’ll have an environment that's been provisioned and prepared to host workloads with built-in governance, monitoring and management.

The following items are covered by Advanced New Signature’s Azure Landing Zone engagement:
• Workshop with customer used by New Signature to capture design and implementation input
• The production of:
a. Azure Landing Zone Advanced design configured to the customer’s business and IT contextual requirements
b. Implementation schedule agreed with the customer to commence Azure onboarding, expedite their Azure Subscription instantiation and automated build-out of the customer’s Azure environment
c. VPN site-to-site connection between customer’s datacenter and Azure environment
d. Basic integration with on-premises AD services, service management tools and operations
• Setup customer alert or integrate with the New Signature NS:GO service management tooling
• Hand-over to the customer’s designated operations team or the New Signature operational team as required

In addition to these Advanced services, New Signature will undertake:
• Deployment of a network security group.
• Deployment of a user defined route (UDR).
• Definition of Backup Policy
• Definition of Azure management groups
• Deployment of Landing Zone Azure policies
• Creation of a Recovery Services Vault for IaaS VM Backups
• Testing of one standalone or simple application to replicate to Azure with Azure Site Recovery:
• Creation of a Log Analytics Workspace to monitor AD Domain Controllers
• Enablement of AD Assessment, AD Replication and Network Performance Monitor Solution Packs in Log Analytics