Cloud Economics: 5 Week Assessment


Implementing cloud solutions unlocks agility and brings many business benefits, but without a proper strategy, costs can quickly get out of control.

New Signature’s Cloud Economics helps your team define costs and potential benefits of a cloud-first model. In this engagement, we leverage Azure Migrate, our cloud expertise and discovery tooling to identify systems to migrate and estimate costs. The engagement results in a report showing the total economic impact of moving to Azure, as well as a prioritized roadmap for workloads to be moved.

INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED: Third-Party financial analysts are commissioned to provide Independent verification and validation through assessment. This is required to eliminate bias but also to apply best practices when capturing all relevant data and supplementing gaps based on industry knowledge.

SPEED OF EXECUTION: Utilizing tooling, best practices and extensive industry knowledge, the business case is delivered in weeks rather the months. This overcomes the challenges of resource constraints often experienced if delivered internally.

FINANCIAL FORENSICS: Capture expenditure, revenue and benefits required to provide not only cash flow and profit and loss, but also Return on Investment, Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return. These are all required by the board to pinpoint when the investment will generate financial return and business value.

DEEP DISCOVERY: Deploying discovery tooling for lift & shift comparisons but also going beyond to provide a transformed target platform with migration and operational cost modelling included.

Day1: Install discovery tools and review discovery questionnaire.

Day 2-30: Tools gather data. Note, depending on the environment log retention, data collection may be significantly shorter.

Day 31: Review results. Discuss workloads and optimization options.

Day 32 -35: Generate and present results.