Business Analytics & AI: 30 day Proof of Concept


Cognizant Business Analytics & AI delivers a robust data platform on top of Azure that allows customers to get a data driven edge that utilizes Microsoft's robust BI offerings.

Cognizant Business Analytics & AI practice has more than 22,000 Data and AI specialists globally with 3,000+ professionals trained and certified on Microsoft Data & AI offerings. Cognizant is one of the go to partners for Microsoft to delivery complex Analytics & AI implementations. With multiple GTM solutions and IPs, Cognizant has recently won the Microsoft Global Data Platform Partner of the Year award. Cognizant has also published multiple thought leadership articles/publications on Business Analytics & AI.

Our proprietary approach delivers a customer designed solution solution that includes a data repository on Azure Data Lake Store that integrates a data pipeline for predictive analytics, cognitive analytics and self-service Power BI dashboards. Transform your business into a modern, intelligent, data driven organization on top of Microsoft Azure with enterprise Microsoft data applications that integrates with the Cortana Intelligence Suite.

Information Management: • Azure Data Lake Store • SQL Data Warehouse

Machine Learning and Analytics: • Data Lake Analytics • HDInsight (Hadoop and Spark) • Machine Learning • Stream Analytics

Intelligence: • Cognitive Services • Bot Framework • Cortana

Dashboards and Visualizations: • Power BI

With analytics that enable action, businesses can leverage their business intelligence hosted natively on Microsoft Azure to access a fast and flexible solution that integrates with enterprise Microsoft applications. Scale securely as your business grows by utilizing Azure's scalable and secure features to harness and build on your data driven insights.