Cognizant HawkEye: Enterprise-grade integration, interaction and insights platform for retail – 12 Week Proof of Concept


HawkEye is an end-to-end, low-code platform powered by Azure that enables retailers to integrate core business systems, orchestrate interactions and obtain powerful insights from their data

The retail and consumer goods landscape has and continues to evolve rapidly – customers are engaging with organizations across a range of buying and support channels, there is a strong need to unify and correlate these events across disparate systems to derive insights and rapidly respond to detected issues.

Cognizant’s HawkEye platform is an end-to-end, sophisticated enterprise-grade low-code platform, built with an open-source approach on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform that enables it to integrate with existing business systems and leverage the latest advanced cloud technologies, ultimately addressing the business and IT challenges of enabling real-time integration, interactions and insights.

The solution, powered by Microsoft Azure's comprehensive data platform functionality, securely reads, transforms and loads data across disparate business platforms in a fully auditable fashion. Providing a configurable ‘Drag-n-Drop’ interactive user interface to capture and change data elements from over 250+ integration adapters. Clients can build interactive dashboards and reports, and configure alerts/notifications based on defined thresholds or through anomaly detection capabilities.

The ability to unify and transform business data from disparate sources enables your organization to:

  • Correlate data and unlock valuable insights
  • Swiftly identify issues and bottlenecks requiring attention (with alerts)
  • Build interactive Business and IT stakeholder dashboards
  • Ensure data provenance (auditing)
  • Enable rapid prototyping and product testing
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Low overall solution Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Secure and lightweight orchestration platform

Cognizant's HawkEye platform is delivered and customized through a professional services engagement with Cognizant's Industry Solutions Group, that leverages reusable microservices, providing a comprehensive data integration, interaction and insights solution that is built for today's needs, while remaining extensible as a platform to accommodate future evolving requirements - without any complicated licensing challenges.

The pricing relates to the initial consultation required to scope the Proof of Concept. The POC project delivery pricing will be calculated based on scope and duration customized according to client requirements.