Cognizant Sustainable IT Solution – From Strategy to Transformation: 6 Week Implementation


Cognizant's Sustainable IT solution helps IT departments reduce carbon emissions footprint without comprising growth in technology innovation.

Technology is the backbone of any business operations and the demand for digital transformation of business processes and models is only growing. At the same time IT departments are facing increasing pressure to decarbonize and align with corporate sustainability agendas.

How can IT reconcile these competing goals?

While digital technologies are helping us to better tackle climate change, they carry their own environmental footprint. As demand for digital technology grows, IT organizations play a critical role in continuing to develop IT systems to meet business needs sustainably and decarbonize their own footprint. Cognizant® Sustainable IT solution help IT departments meet net-zero targets with a targeted approach covering the PPT Framework

Reduce IT carbon footprint by applying and optimizing digital technologies by leveraging the potential of cloud, optimizing operations and modernizing the software architecture stack.

Improve operations by bringing sustainability to core workflows like asset and data management

Empower the IT function to think and work sustainability by increasing awareness, knowledge and accountability of sustainability

Our solution includes:

  • Sustainable IT strategy and system design
  • Project management that supports IT sustainability center of excellence/program office
  • Data and analytics to measure the IT carbon footprint
  • Green buildings and data centers
  • Cloud migration to a Microsoft Azure cloud that meets carbon, water, waste and ecosystem goals
  • Application rationalization to reduce carbon footprint
  • Green application architecture and sustainable software engineering
  • Sustainable IT support services
  • Sustainable procurement and supplier management
  • Waste management processes to reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Communications and organizational change management
  • Data aggregation, modeling and reporting in Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability
  • Carbon emission reductions: Contribute to corporate net zero targets
  • Cost Optimization: Achieve savings in energy and resource consumption by up to 80%
  • Business Resilience: Anticipate and adapt to changes in the business ecosystem (increasing regulatory demands and expectations from customers and the business regarding flexibility, agility and sustainability)
  • Scalability: Ensure scalability of IT Operations by optimizing processes and technology use (e.g. data architecture, cloud usage, energy usage of facilities)
  • Employees: Attract and retain top talent by leading with purpose
  • Lighthouse project for decarbonization: In a digital world, CIOs have an opportunity to become a stronger and more strategic business partner to the wider organization by optimizing existing IT operations for sustainability factors, providing data-backed insights and the technology needed for decarbonization
  • Amplify Enterprise Transformation: Companies can amplify the impact of their enterprise transformation by showcasing the added sustainability value of transformation initiatives like cloud migration, digitalization and data modernization
Cognizant's Sustainable IT solution is delivered and customized through a services engagement that leverages our capabilities in Sustainability and Climate Science, Cognizant Consulting, Microsoft Business Group, and ESG data and reporting services.

We begin with a discovery workshop that will analyze the current state of scope 1-2-3 emission KPIs (e.g. data sources, completeness, quality, accounting methodology) and potential solutions to reduce emissions such as emission intensity of applications, migration to Microsoft Azure and improving efficiency of owned data centers & facilities by deploying energy management, ML and AI . This facilitated workshop will help you identify the most impactful opportunities to address and design the bespoke future state blueprint, and define your technology implementation roadmap based on various Microsoft technologies.

The solution implementation, price and duration a customized statement of work will be created based on client requirements identified during the initial discovery workshop.