DevOps Jumpstart: 4 Day Workshop


New Signature’s NS:GO/Application/DevOps Jumpstart service is designed to help organizations experience the Microsoft DevOps toolchain using New Signatures DevOps architects and engineers.

New Signature’s DevOps Jumpstart Workshop helps organizations understand core concepts of the Azure DevOps platform. Uncover how to streamline processes across the organization. Experience the rich automation that teams leverage so that they can focus more time on innovation.

Intended Audience: Management, QA, Development, Infrastructure, Security/Networking, and Project Management

Structure: 4-days onsite. 12 attendees per consultant. Highly collaborative and hands-on. Live demos and prototypes.

Day 1: Why DevOps? Day 2: Azure Repos, Pipelines, Artifacts, Release Management, CI/CD Day 3: Azure Dashboards, Analytics, Test Plans Day 4: Parking Lot & breakout sessions