FHIR Data Integration ETL Framework: 8-week POC


Metadata-driven framework with configuration setup that ingests and transforms data into FHIR standards in a cloud data store for interoperable consumption

The adoption of FHIR is very difficult for enterprise companies, as the FHIR HL7 standard layout and structure have been frequently changing per varying requirements. Furthermore, the cost of adoption increases when the domain model for internal organization differ from the FHIR interoperability standard model, and many companies have also found that adoption is very slow due to varying data processing needs (big data volume) and reduced scalability.

Cognizant has addressed these issues by building a Microsoft Azure enabled metadata-driven framework with a configuration setup that minimizes the frequent changes required due to frequent FHIR standard layout changes.

  • Framework supports incoming data in any delimited/fixed width format, support multiple sources and perform required terminology normalizations and create FHIR profile in JSON format efficiently
  • It is Microsoft Azure enabled and is highly scalable as per big data volume
  • The cost of adoption is significantly reduced from previous solutions, as it is cloud-based and consumes resources only when the process runs

Cognizant’s approach includes the following phases:

  • Briefing & Discovery: Build Metadata Driven FHIR ETL Framework that is capable to process multi format data from multiple Sources. Framework should adopt to new requirements with minimal configuration changes
  • Proof of Value: Identify FHIR Profiles with different structure and scenarios and try to build through FHIR Metadata driven Framework. Identify, create and perform required configuration setup
  • Implementation (not included in 8 week POC): Build the solution in Azure Cloud with ADF & Function Modules integrated together. Deploy the solution through Azure marketplace and perform required one-time configuration setup

Through the 8 week proof of value, clients can expect the following deliverables:

  • FHIR ADF Data Integration Pipeline
  • FHIR Configuration and Crosswalk Tables
  • Azure Functions and linked services to store and manage FHIR data pipeline
  • MVP-FHIR profiles for consumption

The estimated offer price and duration relates to the Briefing and Discovery, and Proof of Value phases of the engagement. For the subsequent solution implementation, price and duration will be customized based on client requirements identified during the discovery phase.


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