Generative AI Culture Accelerator with Azure OpenAI: 3 day workshop


Cognizant’s Generative AI Culture Accelerator benchmarks your organization’s readiness for AI and helps to define tangible business outcomes that can be achieved with Azure’s OpenAI service.

In an increasingly data driven world, businesses must harness the power of Generative AI to drive engaging experiences or risk falling behind. Is your organization embarking on its Artificial Intelligence (AI) journey, struggling to adopt AI, or finding teams that are resistant to change? Shape what Artificial Intelligence means to your organization.

Cognizant’s AI accelerator program is a collection of offerings that allow you to consume Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service focused consulting and prototyping services that adapt with the needs of your organisation.

The AI Culture Accelerator offers a cultural strategy to prepare organizations for embracing Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service and other generative AI services. This program benchmarks an organization's readiness for AI and helps to create tangible assets such as communication and engagement strategies, internal and external charters, and talent attraction and retention plans. The program uses multi-disciplinary stakeholder workshops to assess data maturity, artificial resource readiness, employee and client readiness, and the impact of AI on the organization's competitive landscape. The AI Culture Accelerator focuses on assessing culture, trust, and ethics which is often the first step in an organizations AI journey.

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • A communication and engagement strategy to introduce generative AI to the organization
  • Internal charter to align the business with a clear understanding of AI’s role in the organization
  • An external charter to align clients, investors and media with your organizations uses of AI
  • Talent attraction and retention. Building a strong AI culture helps attract and retain top talent
Approach - Multi-disciplinary stakeholder workshops to engage with a broad range of business functions to achieve:
  • Data maturity assessment focused on trust and ethics.
  • Artificial resources readiness assessment
  • Employee readiness assessment.
  • We also look at external stakeholders; Client readiness assessment, client impact assessment
The estimated offer price and duration relates to the initial consultation. For the subsequent workshop and implementation project, price and actual duration will be customized based on client requirements identified during the initial consultation.