Going Digital: 2 Week Briefing


Becoming a digital business is key to thriving in this new digital world, and NS:GO, New Signature’s end-to end approach to building digital operating models, can transform your modern business.

The key to building a successful digital operating model is a concerted and coordinated approach across six separate dimensions – People, Process, Tooling, Governance, Migration and Operation. By focusing on these pillars and eliminating siloes, our experts can help you overcome the common challenges many businesses face as they journey toward becoming a digital business. We use the native tools and capabilities within Azure to build your cloud operating model and our exclusive NS:GO/Drivetrain platform to accelerate our journey.

Based on Microsoft’s own Cloud Adoption Framework, NS:GO offers a guided step-by-step process and a series of best practices, so businesses can embrace cloud-native digital operations with minimal hassle.

Powering Transformation with a New Digital Operating Model with NS:GO, a holistic approach that helps you to leverage an Intelligent Cloud and an Intelligent Workplace.

Intelligent Cloud: The key to mobilizing your Intelligent Cloud is to build a next-generation operating model for Azure and Dynamics 365. By leveraging the tools and capabilities built natively into the Azure platform, we can help you achieve greater agility and control. This allows you to migrate and modernize existing workloads, build out new workloads and create cloud native experiences.

Intelligent Workplace: The goals of the Intelligent Workplace is to empowering your users to be productive and effective while remaining safe, secure and compliant. We can ensure this for your organization on any device, at any time and in any location using the power of Azure.

Going Digital Topics:
• Immersive customer experience apps and portals
•Data analytics and knowledge mining
• Business process redesign and automation
•Intelligent Edge and connected IOT scenarios
•Connected field and service scenarios