Modernize: 4-Week Implementation


New Signature’s NS:GO/Platform/Modernize service is designed to help organizations efficiently transform workloads to the Microsoft Azure platform through an application modernization program.

As you work to align your applications with a cloudenabled digital operating model, it’s important to assess them and determine the best deployment model for each application in Azure. One of these models is delivered by the Modernize service. This service is designed to help your organization efficiently transform those workloads to a cloud-native state on the Microsoft Azure platform through an application modernization program. Cloudnative applications can deliver the greatest business benefits as part of your digital operating model.

Modernize is part of the Application Factory (App Factory) solution which encompasses a set of tools and methodology to help you successfully plan and either migrate or modernize your existing workloads to Azure. After assessment of your applications, modernizing can be achieved by either refactorization or rearchitecture of the workloads.

Modernize - Refactor

In the refactor model, an application can take advantage of cloud-native services to drive down costs. You continue to use your current application as is, with some minor application code or configuration changes. You’ll be able to deploy the app to new Platform as a Service (PaaS) infrastructure like Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database. The work involved with refactoring is typically less than rearchitecting, but the returns will also be proportionately less.

Modernize - Rearchitect

Rearchitecting involves more major modification or extension to your existing application’s code base to fully optimize it for a cloud platform, improving scalability and cost efficiency. By rearchitecting your application for the cloud you can take full advantage of the hundreds of cloud-native solutions available within the platform, such as event hubs, distributed data storage, containers and much more. Whilst the returns are greater, the effort required is also proportionately more.