DMAP Copilot: Data & App Modernization Assessment

Newt Global Consulting, LLC

Assessment Made Simple. Get TCO/ROI Insights and Migration Blueprint Effortlessly with GenAI & GitHub Copilot integration.

Newt Global’s Data Modernization Acceleration Platform (DMAP) is an enterprise grade best in class customizable platform, powered with the machine learning capabilities of GenAI & GitHub Copilot to facilitate accelerated Oracle & Application migration and modernization to Azure PostgreSQL database leading to deep reduction in time and effort up to 80%. The analytics framework performs the automatic code analysis on both Oracle schema and application code. It combines this analysis with customer-provided insights on modernization demands and generates a cloud readiness report for each workload with recommendations for target Azure instances. Assessment outcomes of each workload are merged to generate a comprehensive view of TCO & ROI analysis and migration blueprint at portfolio level.

The manual analysis required for cloud modernization demands several months' worth of collaboration from different application teams, a task nearly impossible due to resource commitments to other pressing needs. DMAP automated assessment with its at scale feature achieves this objective within in 2 to 4 weeks’ timeframe. It evaluates numerous application and database workloads simultaneously with minimal engagement from customer resources. The cost of this assessment is only a fraction of what a manual assessment would require.

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Assessment Deliverables

Oracle Schema Assessment: Provides an analysis on converting each Oracle schema to PostgreSQL with details such as automated conversion by DMAP, conversion statics of storage and code objects, schema references, DB Links, schema conversion effort and recommendations for manual remediation of SQL errors that are not automatically converted.

Consolidated Oracle Schema Assessment Summary: Provides analysis of discovery & assessment of Oracle data estate to assess the effort required for migrating Oracle databases and associated applications to Azure PostgreSQL solutions. It provides insights on database and application migration effort, complexity and schema details rolled up at database and application level.

Application Modernization Assessment: Analyzes if the application can leverage PaaS services such as Azure App Service effectively and identifies any architectural adjustments or configuration changes that may be needed. It also provides:

  • Analysis of application code to identify Oracle PL/SQL code changes required to make application compatible with PostgreSQL database.
  • Dead code analysis 
  • JRE upgrade suggestions to match the minimum version essential for optimal functionality on Azure.
  • Summary of embedded SQLs that are automatically converted and recommendations for manual actions.

Database Performance Analysis: Provides Oracle database performance analysis based on AWR trend to identify potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies that can impact its speed and responsiveness. It provides:

  • Insights on CPU/Memory utilization, Read/Write IOPS & Throughput IO statistics, session and logon details, top resource intensive SQLs and large table analysis.
  • Recommended Azure PostgreSQL solutions with instance size to replace current Oracle database.

Migration Blueprint for Each App & its Databases: Provides the feasibility and strategy for migrating application and its associated Oracle databases to Azure PostgreSQL solutions. It provides:

  • Insights on current App & DB infrastructure, migration complexity, database/schema migration analysis.
  • Data Migration Approach & Estimate.
  • Target Azure architecture.
  • Right sized Azure SKU recommendations to run similar workloads on Azure.
  • Summary of Azure investment (ACR) required for application and database workloads.

Business Case for Oracle Takeout: Provides rationale and benefits of transitioning away from Oracle. It provides:

  • Summary of one-time migration effort required for schema conversion, data migration, and database & application modernization.
  • Current on-premises cost for running applications and Oracle databases.
  • TCO & ROI analysis showing estimated savings and break-even point.