Oracle to PGSQL Business Case: 4Wk Assessment

Newt Global Consulting, LLC

Generate a business case for Oracle take out providing TCO comparison of Oracle workloads on-prem vs Azure PostgreSQL, one time migration cost and ROI, enabling customers make an informed decision

Newt Global offers a 360-degree business case creation for evaluating the financial justification for migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL on the Azure cloud. Newt Global utilizes proprietary and market available tools to calculate the various components of cost involved for current environment setup, cost of migration and future cost of operation. It is a well-known fact that migrating to public cloud-like azure converts a large number of capital costs to operations costs(OPEX). Management of any enterprise is keen to know the 5-year impact of change of cost structure. Newt Global solution provides a 5-year total cost of operation( TCO) and brings out the return on investment ROI. So ROI facilitates management to make a well-informed decision on migration. Newt Global business case solution also elaborates any qualitative aspects which may impact the migration decisions of enterprises. For large size enterprises with up to 500 databases, Newt Global will complete business case creation in 4 to 6 weeks in time.