Azure DevOps Workshop - 1 Day

Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

The purpose of this consulting offering is to give an in-depth overview of Azure DevOps and all of its accompanying features.

Agenda: Module 1: Introduction to Azure DevOps This module will introduce ADO (Azure DevOps) with some brief history and a run-down of its capabilities.

Module 2: Core Services This module introduces the core services that ADO provides such as Azure Repos, Azure Boards, AzurePipelines, Azure Test Plans, & Azure Artifacts. The student will also understand how exactly this tool is leveraged in the SDLC.

Module 3: Getting Started w/ ADO This module will allow the student some time for hands-on practice navigating the Azure DevOps UI and leveraging each of the different services for the first time.

Module 4: Implementing & Managing Builds This module will dive into the more intermediate-advanced topics in ADO such as build agents/agent pools, jobs, service connections, permissions, web/service hooks, triggers, & gates to provide the student with all of the knowledge to start building end-to-end solutions in ADO.

Module 5: End-to-End Solution This module provides students with more hands-on practice in ADO with labs that will help them understand how to achieve end-to-end traceability from work items to code changes, commits to build and releases!