Azure Migration Implementation - 10 Weeks

Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

Ready to migrate your on-premise services to the Azure cloud? The certified professionals at NewWave are ready to assist your business with all of its cloud migration needs. Moving to the cloud offers

Having taken advantage of our free Azure cloud migration assessment service, this implementation phase is your next step to migrating to the Azure cloud. The requirement elicitation and resulting plan we developed in the assessment phase will be the basis of our implementation. Depending on the business goal and scale of your project, we'll utilize the secure, scalable, and cost-optimized cloud services listed below to get your project going in the cloud.

Potential Azure Services

  1. Azure VMs/ Azure App Services
  2. Azure API Management
  3. Azure Storage, Queues, Azure Service Bus
  4. Azure DB
  5. Azure Functions/Logic Apps/Microservices
  6. Azure Monitor
  7. Azure Notification hub
  8. & More!


  1. Full migration of legacy services to Azure Cloud environment
  2. End-to-end technical documentation covering implementation
  3. End-to-end cost monitoring of migrated services for cost optimization using Azure Cost Management
  4. Monitoring assessment of the configuration and current state in order to maintain application performance in the cloud (using services such as Azure Traffic Manager)