Azure Monitoring Workshop - 2 Day(s)

Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

The purpose of this offering is to provide clients a professional workshop that teaches them about the different services Microsoft Azure provides for end-to-end monitoring of their cloud workloads.

Clients will be able to understand how to manage the resources used by the business in their cloud-deployment model to drive up efficiency and keep costs as low as possible.. NewWave's certified cloud professionals will cover topics such as resource logging that is needed to track everything during run-time, as well as setting up the alerts to notify you when an error occurs or something needs attention. The workshop will also show students how to set up automated alerts so that it becomes a standard to deploy when setting up a new environment for projects.

Day 1 Module 1: Setting up application insights/diagnostic settings for the resource logging This module will show students how to enable logging for resources that use application insights or diagnostic settings. They will also learn how to set up all necessary features of monitoring services like storage accounts and Log Analytic Workspaces, which are needed to enable more metrics when creating alerts.

Module 2: Standard Alerts This module will cover the standard alerts that apply to every resource, resource deletion, administrative action, and health alert. Metric alerts will also be covered in this section.

Day 2 Module 1: Automating the Alerts This module will go through the automation of alerts and how we can set-up different kinds of templates for different use cases. We will also look into resource-specific templates as well as alert specific templates.

Module 2: Deploying the Blueprint This module will show you how to use the outline of the environment to set up a blueprint with all the alert templates necessary for that environment, enabling a one-time deployment.

Outcome: At the culmination of the 2-Day workshop, clients will have all the knowledge needed to set up custom, automated alerts for their Microsoft Azure cloud deployments specifically tailored for their business needs.