Docker Workshop - 1 Day

Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

The purpose of this offering is to provide developers and engineers a solid foundation with containerization technology using Docker to improve their proficiency in building applications in Azure.

Agenda: Module-1: Introduction to Docker This module will introduce the concept of containers (how/why they are useful in the industry) and how docker is leveraged to manage and run them efficiently.

Module-2: Docker Architecture This module breaks down the architecture Docker runs on by explaining it's 5 main services and going in-depth on how to manage a Docker container lifecycle.

Module-3: Docker Images This module will introduce what a Docker image is, the different parts that make up an image, and how you would go about creating a Docker image using a Dockerfile.

Module-4: Persisting Data w/ Docker Containers This module will dive into the main storage options Docker has for the container data, as well as use cases for each one.

Module-5: Network Configuration This module provides students with the core network configuration options Docker has.

Module-6: Docker & DevOps In this module, students will learn why Docker is important in the world of DevOps and how it is leveraged to improve the efficiency of CI/CD processes.

Module-7: Hands-On Practice This module will show students how to install Docker on their local machine, as well as introduce them to the Docker CLI and showcase some of the most important Docker commands. The students will then have time to complete a Docker introductory lab where they will be creating, running, deploying, and managing their first container in Azure.

Outcomes: Upon completion of the workshop, customers will understand the concept of containerization technology and how to leverage it in Azure with skills like building a Docker image from a Dockerfile and deploying/managing it in Azure. This offering provides a necessary foundation for building the skills needed to leverage AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service), a full-service container orchestration offering in Azure, to provide full-scale, automated CI/CD processes to the customer's cloud projects.