Kubernetes as a Service - 6 Week Implementation

Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

We offer KaaS to provide you with ongoing support for planning, deploying, and managing your Kubernetes initiatives.

What's done in 6-week(s)?

Week-1: Conduct a discover session to get a further understanding on the use case. Basic setup including subscription, user permission, service principle creation and manually setup of AKS. Week-2: Exploring and implementing automation scripts and developing IAC (Infrastructure as a code) using Terraform. Week-3: Exploring and deploying tools for AKS deployment. Kubectl, helm charts. Performing basic deployments using CLI tools. Week-4: Exploring and implementing creation and configuration of AKS cluster using ADO pipelines with minimal manual intervention and utilizing Azure Key vaults for storing hidden secrets. Week-5: Explore and implement AKS best practices including security tightening. Enabling RBAC integration, launching services in Private network Load balancers etc. Week-6: Setup CICD ADO pipelines in yaml for build and deploy of services to AKS cluster using helm charts.

Outcome(s): Assessment of current AKS implementation, work processes, technologies, and skill sets A clear understanding of how your AKS implementation and work processes compare to best practices and norms A roadmap that identifies steps to improve your current AKS implementation and processes

Deliverables: Technical documentation of full infrastructure setup and implementation. Technical documentation of automations using Azure DevOps and Terraform. Technical documentation of CICD pipeline setup for deployment of services to AKS Comprehensive roadmap based on the current maturity state targeted at evolving the AKS platform and remediating existing issues Presentation of findings from assessment and testing.