Linux and DevOps - 1 Day Workshop

Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

The purpose of this consulting offering is to provide foundational technical skills of leveraging a CLI which they need to enter into the world of DevOps, specifically in a cloud space like Azure.

Participants will be able to get some valuable knowledge surrounding the history of the Linux OS and why it is so important to DevOps Engineers. By the end of the workshop, students will have the foundational knowledge they need in order to become proficient with the more advanced DevOps tools requiring a similar skillset like Azure Cloud Shell/Powershell, and/or leveraging the automation capabilities of Azure DevOps. This workshop is a pre-requisite to other of our DevOps workshop offerings.

Agenda: Module-1: Introduction to DevOps This module will teach students the history behind the creation of the DevOps culture, as well as how it can be leveraged within an application's lifecycle.

Module-2: DevOps Practices This module introduces the most common ways DevOps is leveraged in business. Here the student will understand how implementing a DevOps culture can help drive up efficiency in the workplace. The student will also be introduced to Microsoft's end-to-end DevOps solution "Azure DevOps" in this section.

Module-3: Linux History This module will discuss the history of the Linux OS and how it evolved from the Unix OS.

Module 4: Linux Commands Here the terminal or CLI (Command-Line Interface) will be introduced to students showing them how to interact with the machine via text commands.

Module 5: Hands-On Practice Participants will practice setting up a clean environment to work from, creating different directory structures, creating/examining/manipulating files, and how to clean up or remove their work when finished.

Outcomes After attending the workshop, the student will be proficient in working with a CLI and using Linux commands, which prepares them for the skills needed to leverage Azure core services with full CI/CD and automation capabilities. This workshop is meant to serve as an introductory workshop with guidance from industry professionals to any aspiring Azure professionals.