A Secure Landing Zone to Cloud Journey: 5-wk Imp

NIIT Technologies Limited

Worried about the Cloud Security! Looking for a solution providing paramount importance to secure Landing Zone to Cloud Journey and commits protection threats and vulnerabilities?

Meeting this urgent need to secure systems and business from threats and attack vectors, “Cloud Security” is one of the major aspects of Cloud solutions with set of guidelines to block any possible form of data loss, breech, unavailability, and acts as a specialized, add-on cloud service that ensures secure cloud environments and the data stored.

NIIT Tech’s professional services is embedded by Azure Best Practices including own experiences with various type of Domain customers, that helps them to start with a secure cloud foundation. Using azure best practices to deploy Integrated Cloud Security Solution makes the enterprise IT infrastructure resilient to attacks while safeguarding user access and protecting customer data. Realizing integrated visibility and protection across clouds, Hub and Spoke model ensures organization’s efficient management of cloud security with better track and monitor attacks than non-cloud-based security solutions, and real-time firewall and signature updates blocking harmful traffic.

With NIIT’s secure Landing Zone implementation to Cloud you can achieve:

  • Provide Flexibility
  • Avoid data loss
  • Reduces the liability of Scale
  • Stop Unauthorized Access
  • “Reduce complexity and costs (ingress and egress v Net traffic)”
  • Ensure Network Security
  • Reduce Time to Breach Detection
  • Adopt Zero trust approach
  • Protects network

Collaborating with the customer’s security team, NIIT Tech will comprehend the functional requirements of business, corresponding to security and compliances. During the period of 5 weeks, we will engage with your architects to plan the infrastructure for the landing zone. Based on the prepared plan we will implement the Landing Zone with integrated high security and customized requirements. At the end of the project, the customer will have in hand the high level and low-level diagrams, policy documents, SOPs, a secure Landing Zone on to migrate their services and have a secure environment during the operations.