Azure Windows Virtual Desktop: 1-Wk Implementation


End-to-end Windows Virtual Desktop planning, deployment and support services from Node4

When it comes to deploying Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), misconfiguration or lack of knowledge can result in a solution that doesn’t meet business requirements. Inadequate security, performance and functionality will disrupt workforce productivity and send costs spiralling as you spend more time trying to reconfigure your solution.

Our deployment service ensures you have a best practice build of WVD, supported by experts. We’ll get your WVD solution deployed correctly first time, on time.
What’s included in our Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment Service?

  • Initial design and sizing session.
  • Cost forecast and customer design documentation.
  • Deployment delivered via tailored Infrastructure as a Code script.
  • Auto scale on-demand, based on a lean infrastructure model.
  • 1:1 training and coaching on desktop image creation and maintenance.
  • Configuration of monitoring and cost management dashboards.
  • Configuration of supporting services such as Azure Firewall, VPNs, ExpressRoute and domain controllers.