Data Architecture Review

Nordcloud an IBM company

Discover your data value network, reveal its actual value – and establish a roadmap for managing data assets and creating a scalable solution architecture and Data Foundation on Azure.

The Data Architecture Review helps you overcome key pitfalls on your data enablement journey:

  • Difficulty scaling technical pinpoint POCs into corporate-level data services on Azure
  • Implementing purely technical answers to what are actually business problems
  • Finding yourself with vendor, technical and/or resource locks, or that previously implementing designs are irreversible

How it works

Our Data Architecture Review uses Nordcloud's experience-driven methodology to help you avoid these pitfalls and unlock more value from your data assets over the short and long term. It enables a successful cloud-scale analytics implementation in the form of a Data Foundation on Azure.

In just 3 weeks, you get a report rooted in key business drivers that identifies:

  • How to scale pinpoint Proof-of-Concepts into corporate-level data architectures
  • Goals, target user groups, scopes and restrictions
  • Target architecture on Azure
  • How to translate business requirements into technical design across different customer teams and business units
  • Skill and role gaps, with proposed improvement actions
  • Pilot scope selected from the identified business drivers (smallest effort, biggest business impact)
  • Plan to build a scalable Data Foundation pilot accounting for customer-specific technologies
  • Roadmap covering how to incorporate all data assets and products under one Data Foundation governance framework

Contact us for a free 1-hour briefing, to learn more about:

  • Most common problem scenarios with data platforms (data lakes, data warehouses, etc)
  • How our Data Architecture Review methodology and process help you avoid them
  • Next steps on how to proceed with a technical Data Foundation on Azure
  • Pricing