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Is your data estate suffering from any of these symptoms?

  • Data silos have developed naturally over time, meaning the estate is littered with inefficiencies and shadow data copies – it all works, but there’s no standardised data management, and the organisation is exposed to data-related risks
  • The organisation lacks enterprise data connectivity, a data strategy and/or a centralised operating model – which restricts the pace of transformation

On top of those symptoms, several factors make the path to data enablement even harder:

  • More and more teams are engaging with data
  • Tools and use case opportunities are constantly evolving
  • Security concerns are stifling innovation
  • Teams need upskilling to adapt to new ways of working
  • Stakeholders lack clear guidance on where to start and how to drive the most value from data

The Azure Data Foundation with Nordcloud helps you alleviate these symptoms and clear the path to data enablement – reducing the time, effort and risk associated with data-driven transformation.

Standard data management and data landing zones are deployed in just 4 weeks. Additional customisation is possible to your specific needs. Your organisation will benefit from:

  • Data Architecture Review – identifying data roadblocks and drivers is crucial to fully leverage the technical data foundation
  • Scalable, repeatable framework – that adapts to your organisation's unique drivers, enabling you to create a modern, secure, scalable and intelligent data platform
  • Customisable, ready-made artefacts and operating model guidance – so you don’t have to start from scratch, and teams can focus on creating value from data rather than on architecting and deploying cloud infrastructure
  • Embedded data governance – within the design, powered by Microsoft Purview
  • Guidance on data mesh, data fabric and data hub – and how to strike the right balance

Contact us for a free 1-hour briefing, to learn more about:

  • The building blocks for creating a modern, secure and scalable data platform
  • Where to start and how to structure your data enablement roadmap
  • Post-implementation management – and how Nordcloud can support your teams
  • Pricing