Azure Security Well-Architected Review

Nordcloud an IBM company

Have cloud-native experts evaluate your Azure environment’s current security against best practices

When you’re dealing with complex and dynamic, it’s not always easy to get configurations right on an ongoing basis. With the Azure Security Well-Architected Review from Nordcloud, you mitigate against the risk of unintentional weaknesses putting your IT estate at risk.

Cloud-native experts review your security posture against best practices, identifying potential misconfigurations and gaps and providing recommendations for addressing them. The result: an easy path to improved security.

What you get with the Azure Security Well-architected Review:

  • Security analysis of 8 key areas – identity and access management, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, storage accounts and database services, logging and monitoring, networking, virtual machines, secrets and keys, and app services
  • Evaluation against best practices - to ensure effective security controls are in place
  • Identification of potential risks and misconfigurations
  • Report with actionable insights - recommendations for mitigating risks and boosting your environment’s security posture

Contact us for a free 1-hour briefing, to learn more about:

  • What’s included in our Security Well-Architected Review
  • The best way to conduct the review
  • Lessons from supporting other enterprises
  • How you can make the most of the review process and outcomes
  • Pricing