Azure DevOps Enablement - 1 hour briefing

Nordcloud an IBM company

DevOps has become the byword when it comes to shortening development and innovation cycles

But too often, organizations find it difficult to put the theory into practice. We help you overcome hurdles stemming from legacy technology, mindsets and operating models, so you can fully leverage the benefits of continuous delivery.

We’re known for being DevOps pioneers, and have a proven track record helping businesses automate pipelines and foster an agile culture. With our support, you can reduce deployment periods from months to hours – and ensure teams are empowered to continue improving service delivery.

Our DevOps service covers cloud automation, CI/CD tools andprocesses, containers and container orchestration, monitoring and log management, microservices and serverless, and solution architecture support. As a result, you can deploy more quickly, work more productively and improve service quality.

We don’t just support – we empower

Upskilling and change management are key Nordcloud differentiators. Not only do you have experienced DevOps engineers integrated into your team, but we offer dedicated training and coaching that builds your in-house capabilities. One CTO summed it up nicely: “They teach you to fish and leave the rod.”

The 1 hour briefing includes:

  • Why DevOps will make your Enterprise more competitive.
  • The technical and business benefits of DevOps.
  • How to leverage The Cloud to successfully implement DevOps.
  • What to consider when transitioning to a DevOps culture.
  • The 6 steps to DevOps success.
  • What DevOps means to different aspects of the organization.
  • Nordcloud case study on Azure DevOps